Beaver Builder: Anchor Links not working

Anchor links not scrolling to the correct section when it’s linked to another page. If you check the /about-us page, the anchor links added in the “About Us” menu loads fine.

However, the same anchor links when loaded via homepage, scrolls to the top. Please check chat notes for more info.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello comms2

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    The regular “anchor links” are handled by the browser and they should work fine but Beaver Builder is using additional “smooth scrolling” feature. This is done with a “built in” additional Java Script that’s affecting browser behavior.

    It seems that it’s also affected by some “offset” issues. By that, I mean that when the scroll happens “withing the same page” the offset by which it should be scrolled is calculated properly but if the scroll happens on a different page than currently loaded, that “offset calculation” fails. I’m not sure exactly how it works as I’m not familiar with Beaver Builder code but that’s what seems to be happening.

    I remember “fighting” with it some time ago for quite some (also with some help from one of our developers) but I didn’t found any good/reliable way to “override” it “from outside”. I’m not saying that it’s not possible but should require some knowledge on how that JS actually works in Beaver Builder. Apparently, there’s also no options for that “smooth scroll” settings so I/you can’t even try to disable it to see if that helps and all the possible “tweaks” that are described in Beaver Builder docs are 1) on code level 2) don’t seem to be quite relevant 3) don’t show how to disable that feature as well.

    Taking that into account, I’d strongly recommend getting in touch with Beaver Builder support as they are most likely already familiar with the issue and might either know the solution or at least be able to explain what is exactly happening and/or either disable “smooth scroll” feature or let you know about whether they plugin some upgrade that would fix that (the issue has been reported to them here and there over a couple of years a few times, there are reports that can be found on Google though with no real solution).

    Kind regards,


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