becoming and affiliate but not a member


The site I have given is just a test site!

I want to be able to have a membership site using the membership 2 plugin, there will be one level where people will pay $147 for access to that level (that bit is easy!).

i also want to get affiliates for that membership plan but I don't want to just offer this to members of that plan. So how can I get people to sign up as affiliates to then promote that membership plan without then meing members of that plan them selves?

I know they need to become a user on my site so could I set up an affiliate membership plan which is free and all that will be on that membership plan will be a page with the affiliate shortcodes on a page, if they become an affiliate will it be for just that free plan they have signed up for or will it be for any plan on my domain?

many Thanks

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello David,

    Users - to promote any membership, to became affiliates need only be users on your site.
    They don't need to be a member of any membership to be affiliates.
    Let them register and give them access to affiliates link (you can create page that wont be protected at all (or with Default membership - so for registered only users) and there place Affiliates shortcodes. With that link they will able to promote every membership on your site - because Affiliates plugin will recognize which membership was bought from that affiliate. There is no separate links for memberships - plugin already knows how to handle it (and will see if there was only visit, or signup or there was payment done for membership joining).

    Hope this helps

    kind regards,

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