[Beehive Pro] Beehive Pro "duplicate implementation"?

After seeing it recommended on the DOTW, I installed the ComplianZ privacy plugin. After running through the wizard, it says that I’m 93% compliant and there are 2 items keeping me from reaching 100%.

1. You have a duplicate implementation of your statistics tool on your site.
2. Changes in plugin privacy policies have been detected. Please review step 2, 3 of the wizard.

I contacted ComplianZ support about them and this was their reply:

The double implementation is because we see the following twice, once with UA-131640601-1, and once with UA-131640601-2. If this is correct you can ignore the error, and we will update the plugin for these instances.

function beehive_ga_track() {
    beehive_ga( 'create', 'UA-131640601-2', 'auto', { 'name': 'single' } ); // Create single site tracking.
    beehive_ga( 'single.send', 'pageview' ); // Send pageview.
beehive_ga_track(); // Load tracking.

For the review in plugin privacy policies. I have never heard an issue with these mentions before, can you tell me which plugins are mentioned here?

So is something wrong here, or is this correct and we can ignore the error?

And FYI, the 5 plugins mentioned are MailPoet, Beehive, Hummingbird, Smush, and Defender. ComplianZ support is looking into it also, but I’m just letting you know in case you guys have any insight to share.