[Beehive Pro] Custom Mapped Domain not properly Authorizing in Beehive Analytics

I’ve set up several Analytics+ integrations, using the same setup as I have on this SubDomain MultiSite.
– primarydomain.com
– subsite.primarydomain.com > (mapped) > subsitedomain.com

Here’s my issue… everytime I try to use the SubSite Google Auth Verification for Beehive, it keeps redirecting me to the primary domain. I’ve manually added in the UA tracking, but Beehive keeps asking me to go through the Auth/Setup process.

I thought I read somewhere that Beehive brought the ability to setup/integrate Analytics APIs into subsites? I’m quite confident that’d fix my issue, but I’m not sure how to “Authorize” the site with analytics as it currently stands.

I believe that the main difference between “then” and “now” is that i was using WPMU MultiSite Domain mapping, versus the native mapping included with WP MultiSite.

thoughts on that?