[Beehive Pro] Plugin beehive en conflicto con el theme wpresidence: ENABLE GMAIL (GOOGLE) LOGIN –

Good day:

Yesterday, I made the query via chat, and the problem was not resolved:

1. When the Beehive Pro plugin is active, it does not allow you to log in with Google,

2. When inactive, the Beehive Pro plugin, if you can log in with Google.

The person, who provided me with technical support, indicated that I had detected a conflict: javascript code, and recommended: request support from the lords of the theme wpresidence, assumed that the problem is in the theme wpresidence.

I request support from the Gentlemen of the theme wpresidence and they tell me that the problem is in the Beehive Pro plugin and that they recommend disabling it.

I am very sorry for the answers, the inconvenience is caused by:

1. Theme: wpresidence?
2. Plugin: beehive (WPMUDEV)?

Both do not assume responsibility, one blames the other, who is the injured?: The user. I do not understand. Is the customer to blame?

Thank you very much for the support.

Have a great day.