Beginner or Expert These Discussions Will Benefit You

Hello and Welcome, as the title implies, no matter what your skill levels are at this time, these discussions can benefit you. Whether you offer advice or receive advice, you will benefit. Even if you offer or receive bad advice you will still benefit. Why, because wiser heads will inform the author and readers of any error(s) made and point them in the right direction without ridiculing or making fun of anyone. It is an environment that helps everyone to learn and improve their WP knowledge and management skills; isn’t that why we are all here?

Many of us were drawn to WPMU Dev because we were looking for themes, plugins, manuals or help with a specific problem and that ray of hope inspired us to sign up. I was excited about joining in 2011, but guess what? Sadly, I froze up once I joined out of fear that my ignorance would be on public display for everyone to see; geeks love to lord it over newbie’s, or so I thought. It hasn’t been true, it turned out that I cheated myself by not getting involved. So, get busy, ask your questions and offer your advice without worrying-that is the heart and soul of these discussions.

When composing your I need help discussion post, include these basic items: Describe

a. What you are trying to accomplish,

b. Your problem in simple terms,

c. What has been done so far to fix things,

d. Provide a URL and access information if the site is up and running

e. Remember, this isn’t the psychic network and to help you, accurate information is important

When composing your reply to a members’, I need help discussion post, remember this:

a. Do you understand the problem, if not, ask questions,

b. Provide answers in simple terms,

c. Be patient, folks facing problems with their WP install would often rather face a pack of wolves or killer dentists then to ask for help,

d. Visit their site if possible,

e. Offer long term solutions over the quick fix,

f. Provide links to tools when possible,

g. Give encouragement whenever you can

I use a MS Word to compose my discussion posts and when I am satisfied with the content, I cut and paste everything into the discussion form and then decide on a title for my master piece (keep the title simple or folks may shy away from reading it).

Remember, a little patience goes a long way and can save you some embarrassment when the need to have a fit proves to be overwhelming. It may take a day or two for the cavalry to show up, but help will arrive.

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