Beginners Advice - What's possible?

We are new to WPMU and just looking for some confirmation of what is possible using it and how best to get started.

We are creating a network of sites which are towns in an area. The main site will host all the content from across all the individual town sites.

Each individual town will only display content relevant to that town.

We are looking to include user submitted posts and comments, user submitted images, a jobs listing page, property listing page and a classifieds ads section for each town.

Will WPMU allow us to do something like this?

I know that might be a bit vague but I can provide a screenshot of the page design if that helps put it in to context.

By setting up a network will it allow users to be able to sign up to one site, mutliple sites or all sites?

Can we control which sites they have access to?

If someone posts a story on one site can we show it on the main site?

If someone posts a classified ad on one site can they chose to show it on other sites or will they have to be members of each site they want to show it on?

Is there a theme or framework to help us create these pages, like a page builder to create a magazine/news style home page for each town?

If we were to use an existing theme do the plugins like the jobs and classifieds come with widgets to integrate with existing themes and frameworks?

I appreciate any help and advice on the above. We just want to move forward in the right direction to start with.

Thanks and regards,


  • Jude

    Howdy Frank

    Let me answer your questions in order

    1 ) Yes this is possible, I cant count how many of our members already do something similar

    2) Yes , Yes and Yes. The second one may be a bit tricky because you need to set rules on which sites they become a member

    3) Yes, you can control access of both individual users and user groups

    4) Yes there are several options to do this an example being.

    5) This can get a bit tricky given that classifieds are not standard posts, but this can be done with custom development. Also no they need not have to be members of all the sites the classified appears on

    6) There are just so many out there I can't possibly list all. I suggest you get a paid one like from here.

    7) Yes some of them do, some of them will need additional code to be widget ready.


  • Frank

    Hi Jude,

    Thanks for the startlingly quick reply, much appreciated.

    That all sounds positive and encouraging. I was just wary of starting down a road that might not work for us but I am a little more confident that WPMU and your services will help us achieve what we need to.

    I might has double posted those questions so ignore/delete the other one. It was just that the questions submitted were and are still not showing on my WPMU DEV dashboard when logged in.

    On custom work. If we need any done. Are there individuals readily available who can help? If so, how can we find them?

    Thanks and regards,


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