Being hammered by Splogs - anti-splog installed

any help, ideas welcomed.

I've recently deactivated the "invite code" function on my WPMU site (2 days ago) and now are being hammered by splogs - aprox 1 every 30 minutes

I originally was thinking the anti-splog plugin was working perfectly as I have never seen a splog in the past. current site has been published from very early versions of WP multisite / buddtpress/ from a couple of years ago and maintained upgrades etc.

it has only been in the last 6 months I implemented the invite codes for various reasons.

the only other possible factor is I have also disabled email verification (a function I require) about the same time invite codes was activated.

my thinking: invite codes was a sure thing against splogging even with email verification deactivated.
now that invite codes is deactivated I'm being hammered

also I do have recaptcha on, TOS activated, even during this post I just received my first spam comment on a blog site (not the main WPMU site)

question: is it possible that email verification being deactivated a possible cause?
I have noticed most of the splogs are not being acknowledged by anti-splog
But I believe the plugin is working at some level as 4 or 5 splogs are noted and marked.

anyhow any thoughts or direction would be greatly apprieated.

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    The more barriers you take down the easier it is for people to join your website the same applies for splogs as well.

    Have you tried making the anti-splog more strict, in require less certainty to mark a blog as spam, doing could will also return a higher level of false positives.:

    Located under the settings options of the Anti-splog admin area.

  • scoobs
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Aaron,

    I wasn't aware of that fact - does however make sense as no posting was happening only blog registration.

    I have also notice I have had zero splogs in the last 11 hrs or so.....

    Now the game is interesting as the above mentioned changes have taken place.
    just for fun - I might revert back to original settings but one at a time to see which setting has the most effect

    let ya know!

    Question: any developers out their keen to put together a self hosted plugin with little cute furry animals, I'll provide the photos........


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