Benevolence Theme copyright issue

One of our clients has been contacted by Getty Images requesting £119 as they say that the banner image used in the Benevolence Theme breaches their copyright.

We have now removed the theme from the clients site and will be doing so for the rest of our clients. Are you able to clarify the copyright situation? Has anyone else had this issue before and can the benevolence theme be removed from the theme pack so that it is not added back in with subsequent updates.


  • Vaughan

    Hi Creativeblogs,

    Hope you're well?

    I personally can't clarify this, those themes are extremely old though, and there's hundreds of sites if not thousands using that theme. i've alerted the developer and we'll probably just replace the image. I'm shocked anyone is still using that theme really.

    We didn't actually develop those themes, they're really old retired themes from back in the days when wpmu and wordpress were seperated and the themes were from

    You could simply just replace the image with another of your choosing though.

    You can find the image in the themes /images folder called masthead.jpg

    Hope this helps

  • Creative Blogs

    Except that my business is having to compensate my client as a result of a theme supplied by you with no means of telling whether the default header is copyrighted or not. How can I be sure that the other themes in the pack aren't going to have a Getty Image demand slapped on them? Are you seriously saying that we should replace all the image headers in all the themes in the pack?

    • Timothy Bowers

      Hey there,

      As Vaughan mentioned, he's passed this along to the developer and he will look into it. Stock images would have been used in many themes, then people usually customise them to their own needs.

      In all of our most recent themes we now pixelate the images to ensure this is avoided. Most people when developing a website would be replacing images with their own to customise them to their own business or personal tastes, else there would be many thousands of cloned looking websites, yuk!

      Back when I developed sites for clients I'd advise them if using a pre-made theme that we need to change the default stock images and maybe even some colours to make it look more unique, professional, and stand out from others using the same design. My reasoning would be that if I found another site that looked identical to companies like Amazon or eBay for example, I'd not shop there personally, I wouldn't see them as professional, I'd see them as one site ripping another off. Even for personal site, if I saw identical looking sites, I'd likely not stick around it long unless it offered something highly unique that interested me a great deal.

      Anyway, because of that and licensing reasons, our newest themes like Fixer, Spirit, etc. The stock images are pixelated so that people creating websites for themselves or clients are encouraged to customise them to their own tastes.

      Rest assured this has been pushed up the ladder for you. :slight_smile:

      Have a fantastic day!

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