Best approach for Event+ for a city (multiuser ,membership, ticket sales)


I have just started working on my first project using my WPMU Dev subscription.

I have to say, your service and plugins are really exciting! Nothing really quite like it at the moment.

In brief, I would like to have a site that:
- shows events in an entire city
- has multipe paid subscription "event organisers"
- allows for ticket sales (with commission going to the site)

The events would then displayed on the home page where visitors can navigate, search, RSVP etc

My initial thoughts were the following plugins/setups:

- Events+
- WordPress MU mode/Buddy Press
- Membership
- (something else for ticketing)

Any idea how best to set this up.

I would not mind additional(DEV) info on how I can extend Events+ to cater for some things.

But if the features are, there would be no need.

Which would you also recommend for the multiuser function(Wordpress Multisite mode or BuddyPress)?