Best approach for Event+ for a city (multiuser ,membership, ticket sales)


I have just started working on my first project using my WPMU Dev subscription.

I have to say, your service and plugins are really exciting! Nothing really quite like it at the moment.

In brief, I would like to have a site that:
- shows events in an entire city
- has multipe paid subscription "event organisers"
- allows for ticket sales (with commission going to the site)

The events would then displayed on the home page where visitors can navigate, search, RSVP etc

My initial thoughts were the following plugins/setups:

- Events+
- WordPress MU mode/Buddy Press
- Membership
- (something else for ticketing)

Any idea how best to set this up.

I would not mind additional(DEV) info on how I can extend Events+ to cater for some things.

But if the features are, there would be no need.

Which would you also recommend for the multiuser function(Wordpress Multisite mode or BuddyPress)?


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    Hi @tinonetic,

    Multisite is the new name for multiuser, it has grown a lot more since it was known as WP MultiUser. So unless you want to create multiple blogs/sites or you want users to have their own blogs/sites, then you don't really require multisite, though there's nothing stopping you from using it, you don't have to create multiple sites with it.

    Events+ will allow you to use alongside google maps plugin. I'm not sure whether you could search by location though.

    Buddypress is certainly a good system for social functions, it allows groups & group evens (with the events plugin).

    Membership plugin is useful for protecting content & pages etc depending on the level of membership. So you could have a VIP area, or with events plugin, there's a membership addon, this will allow you to give discounts on events to specific membership levels.

    Ticketing, we don't really have anything for this, Depending on the ticket type though, You could use the Marketpress plugin, this allows for digital products, so you could theoretically use marketpress to sell the tickets, though keeping track of the tickets would be an issue. Events+ will also integrate with marketpress for greater versatility.

    Hope this helps

  • tinonetic
    • Flash Drive


    Thanks for the reply.

    I need event organisers to be able to independently add their own events AND be able to list them in their own profiles. They logon and manage their own events. Thats why I assumed multisite/buddypress

    They would pay to add or list events, which is why I thought membership would be appropriate

    Is there any setup/plugin combination that can allow me to do that?

    Thanks for the Marketplace suggestion. Will check it out


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