Best approach to charge per Bp Group using membership?

I want to create a site where users create their first buddypress group for free, but after that need to pay a fee per group created. What’s the best approach to do that with membership plugin? I want to allow them to add as many groups to their account as they like, increasing their payment on a per group basis. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi enioken welcome to WPMU Dev and thanks for your post.

    Mmmmm interesting question. Membership certainly cant handle that function at the moment I dont think. It just restricts group registration to “levels”. But doesnt work on a per group basis.

    What you really want is something like the upgrades plugin but adapted for groups:

    Im afraid thats out of my league and would prob require a fair bit of coding and so would be better placed on the job board here or finding a coder yourself….or indeed doing it yourself if you are that way inclined.

    Hope that helps

  • enioken
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thank you for these suggestions — Kimberly, I had already experimented with the group creation rule and it’s a really cool feature indeed.

    However, I want to allow them to ADD groups to their subscription. So I’m going to try “upgrades” per suggestion.

    Any known problems with Upgrades and Membership, if I would like to keep both? Can they work together?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    hello enioken!

    You are breaking into new territory there :slight_smile: I’ve not seen anyone combine the two since the recode of membership, so please be sure to let us know of your trials as you go!

    I can say they should co-exist fine, I cannot see any glaring conflicts :slight_smile:

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