Best combination of themes and plugins to monetize with WPMUDEV themes and plugins

I need help to decide which template to use from WPMUDEV

I need an eye catching eye website to show what our Institution does to reforest the Amazon and get donations and volunteers to help us and also sell products we will be making for raising funds for our Institution and for the small farmers that join our program, so they will reforest 70% of their properties.

But I also need this website to allow people to open their own websites for selling services, products, etc.

And also forums and communities as Edublogs does. And also for corporate use among it`s employees.

And I need the Institution to get paid for the services the website provides.

SORRY FOR SO MANY QUESTIONS. I work alone and I am a newbie. I need to know which is the best combination of themes and plugins to use from WPMUDEV.

Your contribution is so essential, so CRUCIAL, and needed so fast.

JUST ONE THING MORE: is there some good heart willing to install that website and plugins from WPMUDEV? As I said, I work all by myself. I have to do every and all things just by myself. Time is so crucial and I have zero budget. I have to raise the funds needed for all the other need we have.