Best e-commerce direction to use for a wholesale flower farm

I'm fairly new to the entire wordpress coding, more adapt to the old school html and javascript for coding. But, am quite impressed with all the bells and whistles. I work for an Ecuadorian flower farm that is wanting to vend it's products online. I have been appointed project manager for this very task. After several weeks of research, I have yet to discover the perfect ecommerce tool for this project. We're looking at about 800-900 actual bulk items and all products are sold as a "box" price being $100 per box. The customer actually picks the products to fill their $100 box. Once 1 box is full, they may fill another. ALL SHIPPING is done via FedEx. One other item is that registered buyers are ONLY actual flower shop owners and not the general public. Each registered buyer must fill out a detailed application with proper state tax exempt qualification numbers. This is a must in the registering application part. So, taxes is not an issue when checking out. Only one shipping option and checkouts are on a $100 value, 1 box or many. Pretty straight-forward, but the key is inventory management that will have to be checked daily and properly reflected on the site. Graphics and images are not an issue. We have a professional photographer employed for just this project.

Thanks for reading. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and may be looking to hire a seasoned wordpress developer to work on the project.


  • Mason

    Hiya Mike,

    That's quite a project. Actually, I've been to Ecuador and brought heaps of roses back with me. They were truly gorgeous.

    Anyway, you're right you have a very specific need here and it's all about the inventory. Probably and e-commerce plugin can handle the shipping and front-end requirements, but your inventory is really a pickle.

    What kind of variations do you have? Is "rose" a product and then you have several different variations? How complex do the variations get?

    Our product, MarketPress, has per-variation inventory settings, but it's only at one-level variation.

    So, for instance if you were selling shoes, you'd have one variation for size (9-15) and then another size for color). If you wanted to have an inventory listing of a particular size and color that's beyond what MarketPress can do.

    It's a lot to think about. I actually passed on a job for a local wholesale florist a year ago.

  • Mike

    Thanks for your reply Mason,
    99% of the products will be stem based.
    Roses, of course will be a Main Category with several different products beneath.
    One difficulty I perceive is other filler products, ie: baby's breath (3-4 different varieties, lilies (5-6 different varieties), etc.

    Showing the products on the products page doesn't seem to be the main issue, but like you say, the back-end inventory accounting really needs to be addressed.

    A typical CSV file would be product, category, sub-category, color, price and of course description.

    Sorry to hear that you passed on a similar job.

    I still would be interested in talking to someone about helping me with this project, and of course they would be paid for their expertise and time.


  • Mason


    Yeah, filler products are going to be tricky. You might even try a different post type for those so they can be handled differently in terms of when/how they're displayed, and how they impact inventory, price, and shipping.

    You could try posting over on our job boards:

    Or perhaps contact someone from here:

    Hope this helps and good luck to ya :slight_smile:

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