BEST membership tools on the web to date

Ok Guys,

I've tried yahoo, godaddy, wix and so many more. I swear on everything that about 3 year ago I entertained wordpress but it seemed way to complicated.

What follows is for the multisite multimilliondollar website owner WHOM aspires to have A.....

with wpmudev's help...(mind you I am not tech language savvy) a facebook, esty, edublogs, yelp and so many more type of site. Now its taking me, a gal whom just loves horseback riding a little more time to get where I'd like to be.... doing this on my own, but here is my advise, research and the simple suff.


easy enough.....go to your favorite search engine and search the best site to purchase a domain from. and purchase. Domains do not matter because they can be transferred etc. (I do not recommend choosing a domain that you are hosing from). I use "gatorhost for hosting and yahoo because of reviews and history", just me....

What I've have learned 24hrs into a plan with gatorhost...
they are not familiar with wamp "Localhost on your computer wordpress development platform" as much so I would advise if you plan to develop a site using a local host use filezilla. Take the extra time and steps to use filezilla if you plan to use hostgator trust me it will save you an extra 48hrs of your site development.

Now down to the wpmu nitty gritty


Not the best but advisable to use. Configurations go wacky with other themes from other developers like your site scheme colors etc.


Like I said I love horseback riding but just reading what the plugins do is ridiculous......

-Creating a membersite like facebook, myspace, twitter, yelp, instagram, tumblr and that is just naming a few names you may know.

-Online stores like Groupon, esty, fab, justfab, shoedazzle and so many more.

Down to the general sites, all that one needs is soooo here for you. Take time to study wordpress the plugins, and themes. I truly feel that not having a customer service phone number is a little better for even folks like me to push harder to see my goals happen. I know it can be a real "snag" but the more you know the more control you have over your site right? The upside with wpmudev is that you can always post a question with some kind of results, resolution, solution and or help regardless.

More to come...........