Best plan for setting up paid video access

Hi! I have explored the MarketPlace, Membership and Affiliate WPMU plugins. But I’m unsure about how to go about my project and hoping for better direction. Especially choosing between using the MarketPlace or Membership plugins, since it seems some of their use overlaps when it comes to selling digital products.

• I need to set up a pay wall to sell access to stream or download a feature-length movie. There is just one, so no need for shopping carts with multiple products etc.

• I’d like to have revenue splitting so that 2 separate paypal accounts receive their share of the profits instantly with each customer payment. Plan B would be to just have one Paypal account receive the full payment as usual, then pay out the commission to the other paypal account at the end of the month (but this is not ideal)

• I’d like the ability for the user to log in later and access this content in the future.

Thanks in advance for your help!