Best Plug-Ins

Hi All,
I've just joined this site. I noticed that in addition to the great plugin on WPMU Premium, the free-blue WPMU Dev has many open source plugins.

Here are my questions:

What do you see as the best/most useful WPMU Dev Premium Plugins?

What do you see as the best/most useful WPMU Free Plugins?

What plugins on WPMU Free do you see as being especially buggy, security risks or just not that useful?

  • drmike

    I mean no disrespect but you're probably not getting a response to this as there's like 4 of these (if not more) threads over at the mu site.

    There's also no real answer as every setup has different requirements and different features. What works for me wouldn't last two seconds on one of Luke's or Andrea's sites.

    As for security risks, give a glance over at either the Movable Type blog (heh) as they've linked Wordpress's National Security problems a few times in the past or (I believe the url is)

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