Best plugin to backup WP data for a specific site in multisite network?

I am looking for a solution (plugin hopefully) that will allow an admin to schedule a weekly database backup for their specific site(blog) only that is in a larger multisite network? I have am using WP-DBManager for the entire database, but if a site admin uses it, it seems that he can backup the entire multisite database?

Looking forward to hearing anyone's thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance.


  • drmike
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    Why can't they use the built in backup/exporter?

    Scheduled backups should be done at the server level actually. If you do it within wordpress, you;re relying on wp-cron which has a tendency to misfire or not even fire at all depending on how much traffic the blog in question gets. At the server level, you know it's getting done or else you;re going to get actual server errors.

    I vote for the exporter and let them do it manually while you;re keeping backups for the entire install. That;s what we do.

  • carlcs3
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    I am with you on that. But I am trying to prevent a problem before it happens, which is, the admin of a blog accidentally restores their theme to default settings (or something else that removes their info and need a restore), and of course if they are on a stand alone blog, we can just replace their database with a backup, if not, it would not be prudent to replace the entire multisite database and risk losing info from other blogs in the restore.

    We could somehow automate the export, but that will not save their widgets data, etc. Correct?

    Any other ideas, I am sure multi-site admins need a solution for this as well.

    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


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