Best plugin to edit database?

I'm wondering if anyone here has a favorite database management plugin? I'm merging a bunch of single-site installs into a few Multisite installs. I just want a simple way to search the database for "" and replace it with "" so as to quickly and easily fix the most commonly broken thing when I do the move. I could do this through phpMyAdmin, but I'd prefer a nice, simple WP interface if possible. Let me know if you have any preferences/suggestions. Thanks.

  • Tevya
    • Recruit

    I don't think I need anything so advanced as Navicat. I'd just hoped there was a good plugin that somebody could suggest. But maybe I'll have to go the dump route.

    Is there a specific table to something that contains the data for each sub-site? I'd like to just dump the site I'm working on, so I have a lot less data to deal with? If so, is the best way to just clear that table then merge the edited one?

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Well it really depends on if its a vanilla install (no plugins/themes). Not all plugins and themes follow the same standards.

    When I do it, I export it (all of it), do the changes and then simply run it to insert and overwrite data in the DB. Its not as efficient as targeting specific tables but it ensures nothing is missed.

    I do it over SSH for larger DBs so doesn't take much time.

    Take care.

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