Best plugins for Social Integration

I want to build the following functionality:

a) I want my blog posts to be automatically reposted to twitter (with one of those cryptic links), facebook and/or google+ (it would be nice if I can select what gets reposted where)

a) I want people to be able to leave comments through facebook or google+ (or linkedin and/or twitter if that is possible) that will be posted to both the wordpress blog and to that social medium.
b) I don't want to have to have them log in as wordpress users…. It's just too much work maintaining wordpress subscriber lists. If that is necessary for this functionality I will live with this though.
c) It Is Important That Even Though A Visitor Leaves A Comment On The Blog Using Facebook Or Google, That I Still Retain The Ability To Remove If It Contains Inappropriate Content.

a) I want to make is easy for readers to repost my blog posts, with or without comment, to their facebook account.

a) I want to make it easy and effortless for people to give a like or a google+ plus (especially a google+ plus) to the site.

I have compiled a list of plugins to facilitate this. 11 WPMUDEV plugins and 12 from (including from

Who among the people who provide live support at
Would be the best person to help me select and implement the right plugins.

1. If anyone would like I can post my compilation list of plugins.
2. If you are seeking similar help, let me know and I will let you know what I am able to find.