Best practice for adding members manually so they can renew.

I have a member organization. It has an annual subscription from the date a member joins. I’ve made some temporary subscriptions for each number of months remaining on a subscription for current members – i.e., if they renew in two months, the subscription is Temp2 (expires in 2 months). These “temp” memberships are set to private. Manually adding members makes the gateway “admin”.

My question is: Do I need to change the “gateway” to “paypal” for members to have a paypal renew button for the regular “professional” subscription (1 year, public)?

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    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @kipp,

    Yes, you would need to change their gateway to paypal for them to renew.

    However, they would renew on the same subscription, not on the the professional subscription. Which wouldn’t be what you would want.

    What you could do is add them to the professional subscription for 1 year, then change thir subscription expiry date. This currently isn’t possible from within the plugin itself, so each time you would need to use phpmyadmin to manually change the expiry date in the databse.

    You would need to edit the wp_m_membership_relationships table

    You will need to know each users user_id.

    Then look through the relationships table for that user id.

    An SQL query to do this would be

    SELECT * FROM wp_m_membership_relationships WHERE user_id = 1;

    change 1 to the users ID. That will then find the row for that users subscriptions.

    You then need to edit that row and change the expiry field. Sorry it’s such a manual process, membershp 4.0 will have significant improvements in this regard.

    Hope this helps.

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