Best practice for Autoblog?


I was wondering what the best way to use Autoblog for getting WordPress-to-Wordpress content? Both the source and destination are single WordPress installations.

I’m presently using feedburner, and Autoblog was getting the content from there; but this causes two issues:

Feedburner will periodically fail to update the feed, even when the feed validates completely.

Feedburner doesn’t grab the featured post image all the time, and there doesn’t seem to be a plugin to set the featured image at the moment.

I tried using the main site feed, ( ) that WordPress creates, but this doesn’t seem to work for some reason.

What are the ideal conditions for this plugin to work in a WordPress to WordPress case? Is there a better way to import posts in this case?

Since these sites happen to be on the same dedicated server, I’m considering converting them to MU; since there are some awesome WPMUDEV options to post content across the network.

My other option is to code a better featured image plugin and use a different syndicator than feedburner.

Any help appreciated, thank you!!