Best sequence to set up Pro Sites portal like edublogs

Hi guys,

I'm starting my travels into WP Multisite as I am typing this :slight_smile:

I am creating a portal on which users will be able to create their own site with a free plan and some paid plans. Pretty much a in my niche, from a functional point of view.

I have been browsing through the plugins and have a number of them on my list that I want to add to my portal. So far I have created a multisite installation using your tutorial and now I am about to start installing plugins.

My question is: in which order should I install the plugins? Some of them probably don't care when they get installed, like Ultimate Branding. Others may require or work best in a certain sequence. For example Domain Mapping vs ProSites. What is the 'base layer' or best sequence to work in?

Thanks & regards,
- Frank