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I am a teacher trying to set up e-learning portfolios for 70 children who we are trialling a 1:1 iPad programme with.
I need all blogs to have the same template, plus added security (login to view and possibly passwords). Can I create a .csv file that has the usernames/blog names etc (multiple uploader) but that also designates the same template to them? I seem to need to work between the following plugins, (multisite privacy, new blog templates, batch create or blog and user creater) which ones would do the job and which order should I create theses blogs in to make it the most time effective process?
I have a New Blog template query open as it didn't work when I tried to use it.
Thanks for your help.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    Do you need New Blog Template just for setting the theme?

    Well if you wanted to ensure all sites use the same theme but don't need to set loads of options then you could use this instead:

    Multisite Privacy will protect their sites from being seen if that's what you need?

    Usernames and Passwords for accounts are still handled by WordPress if that is what you mean? So each student could have their own account?

    Batch create will indeed let you setup accounts and sites in a batch process. This will bypass the normal site creation so New Blog Template won't get fired.

    Take care.

  • nicki_wise


    The e-learning portfolios need to have loads of options/categories etc already preset so the New Blog Template does work for that. Applying just the general theme to all won't work.

    If i use batch create - can I assign a blog template to each new site within this process - I can't see how I can apply a template after creating a site? If this is not possible then will I need to set up each site manually to assign a template to it?

    Each child does need their own account.



  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    You can assign a blog template once the site is made. Basically the plugin works by replicating a template site to the new site as it's created. Doing so afterwards wouldn't be possible.

    If possible and to make your life easier you could have the new blog template setup to replicate a specific site. Once you're all set and happy then as part of getting the kids familiar with the system you could have them signup for their own site in a class sessions thus selecting their own username, password and site.

    That way you don't have to go through the cumbersome process of setting it all up manually.

    Would that not be an option for you?


  • nicki_wise

    Hi Timothy,
    The children are mostly 8 years old, so not entirely sure that them setting them up themselves would be entirely successful! If I batch create users and then create all the individual blogs from a single template then I think that won't be too onerous. Trouble is I'm having a problem with the blog template plugin.
    I've created a template site and then used this to create other sites using the plug in. But when you click on any link, category or home on the newly created site e.g.: it then directs back to the template site.
    This is frustrating.
    Is there anything I have missed doing? I have set privacy to be logged in on these sites, but I can release a couple for you to see what I mean if that makes it easier.

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