Best structure for membership site that allows members to create subsites

What would be the optimal plugin stack or configuration for the following functionality:

We have a root marketing site, where we sell memberships as a subscription.

Once you’re a member you can create an unlimited number of sub-sites on our network. All sub-sites on the network will be created from a Blog Template with identical theme/plugins/settings.

On the root marketing site, each user will have a publicly viewable profile/archive which links to each of their sub sites.

When a user’s subscription finishes, they cannot create new sites, or edit content on the sites that they have already created. Also their profile and currently created sites will not be public.

I’m not sure whether to use a Membership plugin for this or pro sites, or a combination of them both? From what I read pro sites treats everything on a per-site structure, which isn’t what we want.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.