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About 3 years ago I started a classroom wiki, which slowly expanded. Last year, I added WP and a few days ago BuddyPress was added.

BP was added in the hopes former students would help the first year students. Plus, my hope is to get kids to interact more on the website and ask questions. Many simply pull down lecture notes, etc and leave. This is fine but when there is a group project then it would be nice to give them a place to discuss things outside of the classroom.

BP is nice but the kids absolutely HATE the default layout. They are refusing to register and said yesterday that the site features were okay but they don't want the front page to look like a blog (too many words was the common phrase!). Some students were not kind about the new frontpage at all :slight_frown:

A few recommended to change "forums" to "Tutoring" ...

This "new" layout seemed easy to me but maybe someone can shed some light on how to get the kids interested .... I was initially thinking BP Scholar would work but then the front page isn't what they want. EduBlogs was out, too.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Site WP URL:
Site Wiki:
Site Classroom:

On a separate note, I'll have to figure out how to combine WP, BP, MediaWiki, and Moodle ...

OK. Thank you for reading. Maybe you have a suggestion on a theme .. or something else.

  • Sue
    • Recruit

    If they don't want the look of a blog perhaps make the front page an Activity stream. Here's how to change to an Activity stream -

    I quite like BuddyPress Daily ( - here it is on my site

    Generally for combing other sites most educators provides links that take the students between each and where possible you might also feed RSS between each site.

  • LPH
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thank you both for great suggestions. I'm going to try to switch to having the activity stream on the front page and see if they'll respond that way.

    I'll also look at both Social and Daily. Something good will be found.

  • LPH
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Well, moving the activity stream to the front page fails. I can move any other page to the front - through choosing the drop down in the reading options, static page - except the activity stream.

    I end up with a page not found error.

  • LPH
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Sue,

    WordPress 3.0-beta1 and BuddyPress 1.2.3.
    The WP and BP were originally in a subdirectory but were moved out to the root yesterday after reading many posts on BP about people with problems in that configuration.

    Also, after posting here, I found a thread on BP with someone else writing about the same problem. The only answer was that WP 3.0 isn't supported.

    The News page I created shows up well. I have another page set as a static and the News tab shows up.

    Maybe this will get fixed in BP 1.2.4 ... or 1.3 ...

  • LPH
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Oh - and the good news - after I changed the front page to just the links (a page I created) - 2 kids registered (after I went to bed!).

    Maybe I can create a page with the kids doing a lab, or a video, or ...

    Again, thank you for the help.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @LPH: None of our themes are updated yet to work in wordpress 3.0 also buddypress 1.2.3 isn't so we'd strongly advise you do not use wordpress 3.0 yet as it's not a full release by any means (they are on a bug push this weekend infact). We will once there is an official release update our themes until then we can't support wordpress 3.0. It may sound like repeating the same thing but we can't support a beta version of wordpress or a version of buddypress that isn't updated to fully work with wordpress 3.0 (1.2.4 will be).

  • LPH
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    Your response makes absolute sense. I saw the bug squash push this weekend for beta 2. I was just hoping the problem with the activity stream was something someone had tripped over and knew an answer.

    No big deal here!

    My students started to register after flipping from blogs to a "start page" .. and that makes me happy ')

    Also, I added the CubePoints add in so that kids can earn extra credit based on their actions on the website.

    Thank you for your help and earlier suggestions. I'm thinking I'll try to change the actual theme (Social or Daily) after the updates.

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