Best way of dealing with duplicate content & SEO for franchise multisite

I’m looking to create a multisite for an exercise franchise. As it’s a franchise, most of the description will be the same apart from the location information. For some of the content I will use a canonical link. But what is the best way to deal with Title Tags and other content on the page with regards to SEO. For example if each site has a title tag of “Exercise classes in xxxxxxx” is it enough just to change the name of the location? And if the first paragraph of content has the same introduction but with location specific information, will this be detrimental for SEO? Thanks for your help – this will be the first Multisite that I have built so any advice is much appreciated.

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    But what is the best way to deal with Title Tags and other content on the page with regards to SEO

    Titles can be similar but definitely not that same cause that will be the problem cause that may result in redundancy of title/meta, you really want these being different.

    As for having same paragraph in all posts, you can do that but what you’d really want unique content in your posts as Google doesn’t like duplicated content but from my experience having one or two same lines shouldn’t be a problem as long as the content is different in general.

    If you believe you’ll have similar content on your pages canonical URLs is the way to go as with this you should be able to for most part avoid have issues with similar content cause with the use of canonical URLs “you’re telling the engines that multiple pages should be considered as one” if that makes sense.

    Also one of the metrics is page speed so you’d want to take a look at WP Smush for image optimization and also Hummingbird that you can use for a performance test and to further optimize your site.

    You can check a post on our blog where you’ll find which experts to follow in case you want to learn more about SEO

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:



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