Best way to achieve what I want

I was looking through membership and that looks to limit content to members but what plugin would you use if you want something along the following idea:

Everyone can have a blog and maybe a store on the network... depends on how feasible it is to implement the marketplace addon, however basic lvl members get adds in their blogs and if I do a store for this lvl with the marketplace they would have say 2 or 5% of sales go to me... dunno whats reasonable there.

If they get the upgraded lvl they can have more blogs, a lower % if I go that route, if not then maybe this lvl would get the store... I dont know yet for sure... maybe forums to their individual site Im not sure yet their either

and if I do a last lvl they wouldn't get any % but it would cost more.

membership dosnet seem to have that capability... does supporter or do you have other ideas.