Best way to automate domain mapping?

I’ve been struggling to get Domain Mapping working, but it may just be a DNS resolution issue, but perhaps not. It has, however, got me thinking…

What is the easiest way to automate the procedure for users to map a custom domain to their subsite with a member base that is, shall we say… less than technically inclined?

The vast majority of our members don’t know DNS from LOL. If they register their own domain, they will most likely not have access to cPanel, let alone know how to add A records. We might only be able to walk them through editing any DNS settings their registrar provides. 1and1, for instance, only allows editing names servers or CNAME for registerred domains.

With this type of user base, I’m wondering if I will need to park domains in our cPanel account and manually manage any domain mapping. In which case, will I have users edit the name server setting at their registrar like I have for all our domains. Or do I just charge more, and register domains for them too? What are other Super Admins put there doing?

We have our own box, but host multiple multisite installs, so the IP is static, but shared among all our networks, if that makes sense. I’ve search these forums, but am still seeking some “best practice” advice to offer domain mapping on Pro Sites of various networks we host.

The only link I really have to share so far is which I hope should be mapping to sometime soon… I’m guessing some of the confusion getting this to work is because I do have a hosting account for veganize on our box where agreda is also hosted. Next step will be to register another domain to test this from the user viewpoint.

Thanks in advance for any help.