Best way to cater for this senario

Right, I am looking at the appointments +.

I have the following requirements.

350 'shops' each with 1 'manager' only
Each 'shop' requires it's own page
Each 'manager' requires their own login to access their appointments only
Ideally there is an overall admin as well as an overall appointment + admin if that makes sense?

Any advice would be welcome.

  • Vaughan


    well each service provider can be the shop manager, so you can create a profile page for each manager. then select that as the bio page in service providers (screenshot 1)

    use this shortcode on each service provider page. [app_my_appointments provider_id="xx"] where xx is the provider id. so each provider can see their own appointments.

    each provider can confirm their own appointments and have their own calendar. but only the main site admin can accept payments, so unless each manager has their own subsite on a multisite, it would be impossible for each provider to accept their own payments for appointments.

    each provider could have their own make an appointment page by using the shortcodes to hardcode their provider id.

    see the dashboard > apps > shortcodes page for a list of shortcodes.

    you might also read the usage guide if you haven't already.

    hope this helps.

  • Ricardo

    As it goes there is no requirement for payment which makes that part obviously easier.

    I am still in the dark on this one as I don't yet have the plugin. I'm sure it can achieve what I need it too though.

    So using this method each service provider has their own public page for customers to book on as well as their own admin area?

    Thanks for the quick response.

    EDIT - Having reread your response and looking more at the documentation I think this is going to work well. If I need anything along the way will you be able to assist further?

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