Best Way To Configure and Install Multisite, Multi-Domain, Domain Mapping

After trying a few installations of multi-domains, multisite, domain mapping, I’m really confused as to how these all work/what’s the best way to use them.

I would therefore would like to start from scratch and need help figuring out how to best set up my sites…


The idea here is to have a site ( where people signup and create blogs on different domains (,,, etc.)

Currently I have wordpress installed on all domains (,,,etc.)

That being said…

It is my understanding that with multi-domain plugin I can have clients create subsites on my different domains (,,etc.).

That being said, should my other domains be addon domains, parked domains, or should they have their own cPanel?

Do I need to install the plugin “Networks for WordPress” in order to keep my current wordpres installations on my ‘other’ domains?

What I’ve already tried

I initially had my other domains as addon domains and was able to create subsites. Problem as domain mapping wasn’t working and I was getting DNS error messages although I was still able to create subsites across all sites.

I then switched to parked domains (fresh install) and I could create subsites, but I couldn’t access their dashboards even as a super admin. When I tried to access the parked domains (e.g. I would get redirected to either or to the register page rather than seeing the content of the site.

I’m lost :disappointed:

I will appreciate any guidance

Thank you