Best way to drip content Via Membership

Ok, there is one thing that I need to know when I go set up my membership site that I just don't seem to understand.

Let me run down what I'm doing and you can give me the best way to do it.

I'm opening up content for members each week on the anniversary of their enrollment date(so every 7 days they get new content). The content will already be on the site 6 months to 1 year in advance. There are 6 pieces of content each week, however all 6 will be accordion or tabbed on ONE page. So, each week I will expose 1 new page to them while leaving anything previously exposed open for their use. If they paid for it I see no reason to take it back from them.

How do I set this up properly. Is the best way levels or another way? Because after a couple of years that's a lot of levels.

I would like to use a server mail script and Mandrill but the script guys won't say if your remote pings will work with them or not. The script both my client and I use is:

Works great but they are stingy on service or even letting me know if they would like to integrate with you. Their response was "yes, it could be done custom". Not exactly forthcoming on the details.

Now, for my subscribers I will use mail chimp if I must and then I can just CSV to my other list.

What's the best way to set this up for dripping content please? If it was your site how would you do it?

And one last thing do you have in print anywhere the breakdown of how your membership keeps people from stealing and then sharing the content?