Best way to feature "About" blogs on parent site home page (Buddypress)

I’m looking for a way to feature a little teaser about the different blogs on the Parent site home page, which is a showcase of local activism projects (which each have their own blog set up on the network).

There’s probably a way to pull “about” page excerpt onto the index, but I think this is going to involve some pretty complex coding, and while I’m not afraid to fiddle on with php, I’m no coder…

What I’d really like is to feature the title of the project (blog title) a representative image, a little description “about” the blog and a link to that blog. I’m wondering how to do this without creating a nightmare for myself… I’m thinking along the lines of outputting from a form on the main site. Any ideas / models where anyone else has done similarly would be very much welcome.

Once again today, cheers in anticipation!