Best way to get post_content field data from the database?

I'd like to get the post_content for the current post from the WordPress database, and I know about using $wpdb. But I'm not sure how to make sure I'm getting it properly from the right WPMU table without explicitly including the table name in the SELECT, which seems like a no-no.

What's the best practice for doing this?


  • David
    • The Crimson Coder

    If so then is there a reason you can't use the content already pulled from the db?

    Yes, it turns out the content that is pulled from the db and presented to the page is modified by WordPress, adding tags and removing whitespace. I want the pure data out of the database, without WordPress' post processing. I checked the content of the DB and it's exactly what's saved, but when it's interecepted by a the_content filter, it's munged a bit.

    My thought was I could trigger my routine with a the_content filter, grab the true data from the post_content record in the DB, and bypass WordPress' post processing.

    But I want to make sure I know how to properly access a field in a WPMU database (or a straight WP database) properly.


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