Best way to maintain(develop, test, deploy) a medium scale Prosite network MU site

I have had a few small scale blogs where I dabbled with coding/internet. but then I discovered WPMU (pure awsomeness - so much power without having to worry about dependencies between plugins!!) and working to launch a multisite/prosite network finally on my ideas. I wanted to get some best practices from the gurus here on maintaining the site - dev, test, deploy for mu network - anyways wordpress is not great on that - but a prosite network makes me nervous. I have gone through some documentations : here, here and here. But want to hear directly from the horses mouths..Essentially i want to maintain it in an agile mode, relasease and itrate - hence need the extra insights.

  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hi Tk,

    Hope you are having great weekend so far!

    This is kind of hard question, because there is no best way.

    I mean there is some good practices, but most of them are already listed in the links you posted.

    What I am trying to say is that everything depends from the scale and how many sites and visitors you have.
    The best way is the way that suits you for now. Because things are changing and you need to adapt to the changes to be competitive.

    If your multisite grow big, you will definitely need at least a server admin, as most shared hostings wont fit you, and you will need to make sure the server is up and running without problems 24/7.
    We have a whole team here at WPMU DEV to look after Edublogs and

    The things you always need to do:
    - Have a testing envoirment identical to your live one to test changes before pushing them.
    -Backups, whatever you do, you need to have backups of the backups of your site.:slight_smile:
    You need to have them even on different locations. Not sure if I can stress this enough.


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