Best way to modify user profile screen

I would like to modify the backend standard WP user profile screen for my site. I will ONLY have subscriber roles as members so all I want them to be able to do is update their password, email, website, and other fields. Right now, when they click edit profile, they are seeing warning banners at the top (i.e. Google analytics is not active). Also, I would like to hide the dashboard menu, and also “Jetpack” which shows up.

Is there an easy way to do this or plugin you can recommend? I did not find anything in WPMUDEV list. I ran across and also however both of these appear to be way overkill for what I need?



  • dapadoo
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    Google Analytic warning is showing up because it has been activated but you haven’t set it up yet. Either deactiavte the plugin or get your UA-xxxxxxx number from Google Analytic and set it up.

    I chose not to use Jet Pack because of the issue your having. WPMU DEV helps when they can but Jet Pack isn’t one their plugin. Unless you edit the plugin yourself you won’t get that removed from the admin bar.

    Maybe someone know of the editing fix for this. I try not to edit plugins because when they get updated you have to go back in and fix it again.

    Good Luck

  • Dave
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    Thanks for the response dapadoo. Yeah, my site is still under construction which is why I haven’t added the Google analytics code yet, I was just using that as an example. And I can probably do without Jet Pack. I’m also not interested in editing plugins. I just have to believe there is a plugin out there or a way through the system to remove these types of things from the user profile screen -or- create a custom user profile screen. I don’t even want my members to have access to the dashboard. I just want them to be able to update their basic profile information.


  • Dave
    • Flash Drive

    Hey PC – THANK YOU!

    Man, I searched and searched and could not find anything that seemed to fit the bill. The profile-builder Pro looks to be a great fit. I never mind paying for a good plugin if it’s going to save me time and look more professional. I’m going to give it a try.

    Say, you don’t happen to have a handy list of premium plugin developer sites that you recommend (outside of wpmudev of course)? I will always check wpmudev first but if they don’t have what I need it’s nice to have other trusted sources to go to.

    Thanks again and have a fantastic day!


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