Best way to protect whole site


Can you explain the best way to protect the whole site - even the home page - with Membership Lite? I want Stangers to see one page, then when they log in they can see EVERYTHING. What are the best settings for this very simple set-up?

I had it working, but I upgareded to the latest version and now the home page is protected and Members can no longer see the home page.

My setting that worked with the previous version:
Stanger setting - no access
Protected content page - I created a page for this (not the home page)
Levels - just one "Members". All pages are "Positive". Nothing else was set.

Current Issue:
When I log in as an admin, I CAN access the home page. If I log in as a member (non-admin) I am re-directed to the "Protected Content Page" but I can see all other content/pages.


  • DavidM

    Hi Allison,

    In looking at the description of your setup, I really don't think you'd have to specify anything at all for your "Member" level. with nothing in the rules, it'll default to being able to access all content.

    Could you maybe give that a try?

    Also, is there a particular reason you're using Membership Lite rather than the Premium version? It'll be fine either way, I was just wondering if maybe the Premium version would work better for your purposes.

    Could you also let us know which version of WordPress you're using for this site?


  • talawar

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I now have the "member" level as completely blank.
    In the options - I have shortcuts to "Yes"

    Still, when I log in as a Member I can access all the pages except the home page. When I try to access the home page I am redirected to the "Protected content page"

    I am using "lite" because I thought it would be better since my membership needs are very simple.
    I upgraded WordPress to 3.2
    Membership is Version 2.0.6
    I am using the Theme BuddyPress Community 1.3.3. I have not upgraded.

    It was working yesterday before I updated the membership plug in.

    Any other suggestions?

    I can create a login for you.