Best way to protect whole site


Can you explain the best way to protect the whole site - even the home page - with Membership Lite? I want Stangers to see one page, then when they log in they can see EVERYTHING. What are the best settings for this very simple set-up?

I had it working, but I upgareded to the latest version and now the home page is protected and Members can no longer see the home page.

My setting that worked with the previous version:
Stanger setting - no access
Protected content page - I created a page for this (not the home page)
Levels - just one "Members". All pages are "Positive". Nothing else was set.

Current Issue:
When I log in as an admin, I CAN access the home page. If I log in as a member (non-admin) I am re-directed to the "Protected Content Page" but I can see all other content/pages.