Best way to set up a test site?


It is mentioned on the themes page on the WPMU site "Activate the theme on the test blog taking notes of any errors which occur. Only enable the theme site-wide once you have fixed them all issues with the theme."

I have set up a multisite environment, and I am eager to create a test site to prepare the WPMU Triden theme for distribution throughout the network. I'll be creating a bunch of pages and adjusting the visual nature of the base theme before distributing it network-wide. And I want to make sure that I set up a test site properly.

Q: Should I just create a new site on the network and identify that as my test site?

Q: If the test site is on the network, and I log into that site as the admin, don't I have restricted control versus being logged into the main site as admin?

Any help would be great!