best way to set up membership – appt+ – marketpress

want to set up a paid online math tutoring site. will be using tutorbox api for whiteboard. Tutorbox creates 1 board per tutor which url can be emailed with appt confirmations and login info.

want to offer 3 levels of tutoring-

1. basic math

2. intermediate math

3. advanced math

will have three services for each level of instruction:

1. one hour (basic/int/adv)

2. two hour (basic/int/adv)

3. three hour (basic/int/adv)

want flow to be:

1. select level of tutoring

2. create login

3. select service (1h/2h/3h)

4. pay for service

5. schedule

Wondering what plugins together I would need to use to setup this functionality.

fairly new to membership/appts so not entirely sure if there is an easier solution to what I am trying to do.

Thanks for your assistance.