Best way to show a lot of video on my website (streaming site)


I’m working on my streaming site. I have 2 questions regarding videos:

1) What is the best format to upload video in my site? I tried MOV and it was incredibly slow… so which format do I have to use? Mp4? M4V? MPEG? H.264? AVI? … (ps: I can put them on youtube then send the link on my site because its a premium content)

2) Which plugin (player) you recommend. There is hundred of them. I’m willing to pay for. I just need to know witch on are ideal for a website that stream HD video course online.

On last thing, do you have any others advice to give me about the speed? I fuss a playing a lot of video can slow my site? I hope not. Thank you for your time and help.

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  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Positif Style,

    Hope you’re well today and thanks for your question.

    What size of the videos? Also are they high def, as in 1080, or are they ultra high def, something like 4K? Please advise :slight_smile:

    Speed wise, this will impact the speed of the site, I’d personally advise, using a media server to stream the video to the player on your site, rather than having them directly on your site :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards


  • Hoang Ngo
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    Hi Positif Style

    Thanks for your interesing question.

    1.For nowaday, a video on the website should have 3 format mp4,webm and ogv.That will make it support for various web browsers.

    You can check here for more info about which browser support which video extension

    If you can upload your videos to youtube and then get a link to embed back to your site, that’s great because youtube will handler many things for you.

    2.For about the media server, you can check here for some more info, it is a nice guide.

    As personal, i like the jwplayer :slight_smile:

    Best Regards


  • Trevor
    • New Recruit

    As per your other Q

    1st off you can upload them to You tube and have your setting set to

    Visit your Video Manager.(youtube)

    Find the video you’d like to change, then click the Edit button.

    In the ‘Privacy Settings’ drop-down menu, select Public, Unlisted or Private.

    Click Save changes.

    That solves your problem with other people viewing your video without paying for it…..

    Then you can upload them from there to your site.

    i have a site you might want to check out.


    I use a theme not available here but if you are interested

    let m know….Only costs 40 odd bucks

    As you will see there is no problems in playing of a video.

    And i use the membership plugin from here.

    With this theme I think you will be able to do what you want


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