Best way to sort blogs by language (multisite)

Hi, i instaled Site categories (i upload it on network admin and network activate it i dont upload it like its says on usage page using file manager it is not problem?)

I need few tips and suggestion, i want to users can select language on which they will write posts, languages will be shown as categories. i konw that is maybe is not best solution but is not bad? because i am not pro developer and i dont want to do some complicated programing, maybe some other plugin is better?

then i want if ist possible to make for example 5 livestream/recent global post widgets and to every show posts from one of 5 languages (different livestream widget for every category/language)

is it good solution or you can reccomand me some better solution?

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    Hi @nikola

    Hope you are doing good and welcome to WPMUDEV :slight_smile:

    You can use Site Categories to manage blogs in different languages. Users will select there languages/categories on signup. Later you can display them on sites page. This sounds good idea so far.

    For widget – we already have Single Category widget that you can use to display sites under each selected category. Yes I know its for site and not posts but may by you can get some idea.

    For global posts we have a separate plugin that can be used to display recent global posts from your entire network. There is not site support by default but you can customize it a little bit according to your requirements.

    Hope this helps and have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

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    Hi @nikola

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    Yes, you can customize any text string in any plugin by creating a custom language file to use for that plugin. The easiest tool to use for that (at least, I think so) is PoEdit:

    Using PoEdit, you simply click the button to create a new translation. Then open the .po or .pot file you’ll find in the plugin’s languages folder that you would have previously downloaded to your computer.

    Customize any/all text strings in the plugin to your heart’s content, then click Save. PoEdit will automatically create the .po & .mo files you need with your custom text strings in it.

    You’ll need to edit the file names to be sure they have the correct text-domain in ’em. That’s what identifies the language file as belonging to that specific plugin. You’ll find the text-domain listed at the top if the main plugin file. For the Directory plugin, it’s in site-categories/site-categories.php and you can see that it is


    So custom language files for the Directory plugin would be named like this for example, if your site is in US English:


    You would then upload those files via FTP to your wp-content/languages/plugins folder (if that folder does not yet exist, simply create it).

    You’ll then see your changes on your site, and they will not be affected by any plugin updates unless you manually update those files.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

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