Best way to use Tokens/Vouchers with WooCommerce


I'm currently planning the build of an e-commerce site for a client and I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle purchases made using vouchers or otkens. A bit of background...

This client's customers collect physical tokens from the packaging of their main product (usually bought in a real physical shop) which are redeemable against merchandise that they can buy on-line. So for example you can buy a branded hat and you can either pay for it outright with cash, pay partly with cash & partly with tokens, or you can buy it completely with tokens.

The tokens aren't uniquely coded, so customers are required to send in the tokens they've collected physically by post.

I'm wondering how best to handle this i.e.
- do we have a single product (such as the branded hat) that allows the 3 payment options (cash, cash&tokens, tokens)?
- do I create 3 separate products "3 x branded hats" each with its own payment method
- or is there some other better way to handle the whole thing?

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.