Best WPMU Replacement for MailPoet Functionality

I am attempting to make a plan on how to replace the functionality of Mail Poet with the plugins at WPMU. I see there are two different plugins Subscribe by Email and e-Newsletter.
I am looking for the following capabilities to replace:
A newsletter that will contain a post from a specific category if one was posted since the last letter went out.
The newsletter will go out at a specific time and check for new posts in that category at that time.
The whole process is checked daily.
The newsletter is a template where the post will be inside surrounded by the newsletter heading, etc.
The newsletter has a email list that will include all subscribers of the website and also specific email lists that are only subscribed to the newsletter.
The system will check to see if any lists have the same email addresses to avoid multiple emails on the same newsletter.

Can this be done with these plugins, if so.. what is the best way to do it.. or should I stick with Mail Poet?