Better Display of RSVP counts in Events+

An issue we noticed in Events+ is that the total RSVP count is only displayed in one place, which is in the dashboard on the all events page. They are not displayed on the front end, nor on the event edit page. The impact of it is even worse for recurring events since the RSVP count isn’t displayed anywhere (being that only the root event is displayed on the all events list in the dashboard. The recurring “virtual” ones are not).

It would be useful to (at least have the option) display the RSVP counts next to the words “Attending”, “Maybe”, and “No” on the front end and in the RSVP section of the dashboard edit page. This should also apply to the RSVP widget as well as that is a good option for displaying the RSVPs (it would probably even be easiest to add it as an option to the widget).