Better documentation > forum support

Have some feedback regarding documentation and the support forums.

I've had a great experience with support so far and pretty much all my questions and inquiries have been answered. I'm surprised though that the documentation for each plugin lacks depth. Sure the basics are covered but that about it.

With the amount of time spend on answering customers questions via forums about plugins I think you could invest time to develop and expand the documentation and then save yourself A LOT of time on answering support forum questions.

Just my thoughts.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Robert,

    Hope you're well?

    Thanks for the feedback, I can sympathise in some ways and do agree that with some plugins which are complicated to setup & have many options, the documentation could be more in depth.

    We are hoping to improve the docs in time, but it does take time. We just have higher priorities at the moment which is not an excuse, it's just the way things are currently, I will certainly pass this feedback on to those responsible for writing the docs.

    Our blog Wordsmiths also write some good tutorials on some of our popular plugins too, so you might want to check out the blogs every now & then and do a search there in case our wordsmiths may have written some.

    We are currently also working on a new Docs section too which you can find here;

    Hope this helps

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