Better Experience with Appointments upon checkout

I saw the following in the comments of the Appointments Plugin page:
"I like this plugin a lot. However, the confirmation process could use some help. So, if you’re requiring a payment, which I am, the process goes like this.

Pick the service (in my case only one service and service provider), select a time, then a form pops up at the bottom and the page scrolls to the form (nice so far).

Then you fill out the form with your information, hit the button for “confirming this appointment” and here’s where the problem is. Instead of going straight to paypal at this point, all that happens is another button pops up asking you to confirm payment.

The problem is, the button is small and outside the form div (just below it. It’s also confusing that the first button to confirm the appointment still stays there at this point.

I have had a bunch of confusions and missed payments because of this.

Can you guys offer a solution to make this more seamless? If not, I’ll have to look else where."

This is the issue I'm having where first it's confirm then a button appears above the form to click to pay. It's weird.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!