Better Search options for plugins and themes

Hello WPMU DEV Team,

My thought is that the “PLUGINS” and “THEMES” tabs can be combined, and then use something similar to the Studio BuddyPress theme’s login sliding panel. Have it drop down a box with search options for the plugins and themes.

It would be great to be able to search for a term in all the themes and plugins or just the plugins or just the themes and click some check boxes for compatibility, etc…

Along with refined search options there can still be “All BuddyPress Themes”, “All Multisite Plugins”, etc.. But the links would be a predefined searches or a link to a page with a iFrame that has the result of a predefined search.

This way any addition or change the plugins to themes would automatically reflected. This would keep things up to date automatically and save time for the WPMU DEV developer team, so they can focus on new cool stuff rather than trying to keep WPMU DEV site’s sections up to date.

It seems that the “Information:” box on the left side of each plugin page is kept up to date automatically. Maybe the search can be performed on that data.

When deciding on what should be searchable data, some distinctions that would be helpful is; plugins and themes that can be used with BuddyPress by virtue of Multisite – vs – plugins and themes that are BuddyPress specific.

For example themes that can be used for sites in a BuddyPress Multisite install on the network sites but not on the main BuddyPress site… or plugins that function fine and are useful for network sites and do not cause BuddyPress trouble but will not work on the main BuddyPress site.