Better user search for multisite

Are there any good plugins to improve the user search so it searches by more than just the username?
Found a couple but none were compatible with multisite. Tried this and and it was working but seems to have recently stopped working.

I was able to search for a user by email, first or last name but for some reason it has ceased to function properly and wondered if the experts have any opinions or suggestions?

Saw this one as well but not updated in a while:


  • Aicee Taguilaso
    • WordPress Warrior

    Hi George! Hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    Have you tried using that "Improved user search in backend" plugin? It might not be recently updated, but sometimes it still can work fine too.

    Let's see if there are other members out here who have opinions on this.


  • George
    • The Bug Hunter

    I was planning to try that next if I didn't get a better suggestion :slight_smile:
    I will report back how it goes. The first one I mentioned was working fine and just quit working but not sure what I did to screw it up....

    Actually I think it was the recent upgrade to 4.2.3 that cause me to lose my search :slight_frown:


  • Robert Andrews
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I am facing the same need.
    In my case, Better User Search and some other found code work, but the pagination of back-end results is all wrong in Multisite.

    I have become a WPMUDev member in the hope of finding a support solution. I chatted with support, but found no solution. Support posted a ticket, which actually appears to be a forum message, in my name, which is a bit confusing really.

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