Big problem :-(


Recently i upgraded my WordPress by (the excellent) “mutli-db” plugin.

So, now i’m on multi-DB (16)

But i just see all of my prosites settings are reseted !

(i think it’s because multi-db, i’m not sure)

All’s back to zero : gateways settings, paypal settings, pro plugin and theme settings, levels, ect….

I uploaded a backup folder of prosites, nothing change.

I still have a backup of my old DB, but all the tables seems similar of the new DB.

My actual tables (on multi-db) “database_global ==> prosites” are not empty. I see my old settings. I see blog ID levels permissions too.

So, anyone knows were prosites is storing settings ?

Maybe i can found them anywere on my backups ? (wp files or DB ?)

Thank you very much for your help !