Big multisite + Duplicate images?

Hello! Yes my multisite is at the moment 64GB i think. I have cleaned out backups and snapshots. Perhaps I've missed something.

1. Could you see what else we can delete that is not essential?

2. I have many images of almost 2000 products. I am looking at them and I see them in different sizes. Normal, thumbnail and so on. But I also see this on all images. One normal and one with .bak.jpg in it. What is Bak? Can I delete them?

–> 18984-Geometrical-Shower-Curtain_1_c2737f52-6070-4a8d-8ae0-59f32df369c9.bak.jpg

–> 18984-Geometrical-Shower-Curtain_1_c2737f52-6070-4a8d-8ae0-59f32df369c9.jpg

They are identical in size and all.

Thank you!

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Marcus,

    One normal and one with .bak.jpg in it. What is Bak? Can I delete them?

    The .bak.jpg file is a backup image, which gets created due to the " Store a copy of my full size images" setting enabled in the Smush Pro plugin side.

    What the feature does is help with storing a copy of original image files, so that you could revert from the bak files if needed. As stated in the plugin configuration, it does increase the size of uploads, so if you think it's not required then you can delete the bak file.

    Also, if you go to the "Analytics" tab you should see the Storage used, and hovering the mouse over the files listed should show the paths.

    Seems like those zip, and sql files are part of Duplicator plugin in "wp-snapshots" folder. Since our hosting has a daily backup feature, you can remove the files if not needed.

    I hope this brings more clarity. Please do let us know if you have any further query. Have a nice day ahead.

    Kind Regards,


  • Marcus
    • Flash Drive

    Thank you for that. I am using the same images for different languages and I could re-use them BUT I think it better to keep each site’s image with the correct language in the file name.

    However, where do I find all backups? I see in my showercurtains.wpmudev that now have 2.9GB of backups (Backups overhead). Since I am using your hosting service I don’t need to store backups on the site.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Nithin

    Correct, as our hosting takes regular backups, so you don’t need any backup plugin.

    For the current backups, you can look for the wp-snapshots folder inside wp-content/uploads/ folder. You can use SFTP or SSH to access and delete those files. It’s better to take a backup in your local machine before deleting.

    Let us know how it goes. Have a nice day!



  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Marcus

    The analytics there needs some time to change. You need to wait at least 15 days to see the proper space allocation.

    Also, in your screenshot the backup space 3GB is the daily backup that is taken by the hosting system. Those are incremental files, the original backup is stored in a remote location though.

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!



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