Big Thumbs up Review!

Had to take a minute to say big thumbs up to MarketPress. Having used that junk WooCommerce for a few years as it was the best of the worse for my clients, in this last project we aborted and switched to MarketPress halfway because Woo was really failing on so many levels! A CSV export and import, and the shop was on its way. Client picked up how to finish building the store within an hour and now has 120 products in, and PERFECTLY, thanks to the properly functioning MarketPress code. Table rate shipping, out of the box with no additional add-on cost, rocks in its flexibility and ease of set up. Hooking in PayPal standard with the PayPal Express caused me pause, but it works seamlessly.

Gotta say, many small shops have been built with Woo, much to our chagrin, but MarketPress is the way to go for the novice to the hard-core developer.

One tiny tiny dream, well two. Attaching unique images for product variations and being able to apply coupons to specific products and not all. With these two functions, MarketPress will take over the shopping cart world :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for finally making it easy to build and maintain an affordable system for our clients!